Food Intolerance Testing — Alcat & IgG — myth or science?

The words ‘Food Intolerance’ are pretty common today with the rise of popular diets promoting the elimination of foods like wheat, dairy, soy, etc. You hear bloggers and celebrities say they’ve eliminated wheat (or insert any other food) and it’s cured their stomach problems, eczema, migraines, or their child’s autism. Anyone dealing with a chronic health issue would love to quickly and easily figure out exactly which foods are causing their health problems (who wouldn’t?!). Read More


Low FODMAP Gazpacho

My all-time favorite food discovery happened in 2006 in a Spanish town called El Puerto de Santa Maria. I was studying abroad in college and living with a host family who cooked authentic and amazing Andalucian food. That family introduced me to gazpacho, and it completely revolutionized my opinion of cold soup. If you’ve never […]

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What is low FODMAP? And Is it for me?

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve experienced digestive woes, and maybe you’ve even heard of the low FODMAP diet. This diet is slowly becoming more well-known in the U.S and recently appeared in the Dallas Morning News and other major U.S. publications. Even big food companies like Nestle are joining in on the trend. But what is the diet? Who is it for? What does it involve? And how long does it last?

Keep reading as I answer some important and commonly asked questions about the low FODMAP diet!

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